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Tragedies abound in our world. You turn a corner and you may come face to face with one of your own. Turn another corner…and you’ll find yourself in a whole new dimension of trouble. Xi Li, the main character in this story, did just that. All she wanted, in the beginning, was a happy marriage and many children. To achieve this, she had to adjust her definition of happiness. Perspective is everything. — A.L.M.

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In every home, there’s a room at the end of the hall that has known life…and death. Its door is never fully open, and the voices inside are too soft to be understood. The night visitor slips into this room when no one is looking, and leaves again without a trace. Jonathan Beecham, a devoted son, tries hard to hear the night visitor’s words, but they’re coming from around a corner, perhaps even…from another dimension. — A.L.M.

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We all pay for our sins in one way or another. Nine figures life in prison is the worst they can do to him. He has a painful lesson to learn about the power of karma. — A.L.M.